Who can apply?

Liverpool Christmas Market is looking for Traders who will be selling high quality and unique products; much of which cannot be readily bought on the High Street. We are seeking to welcome new traders particularly those located in the local area. 

What are the Trading Hours?

Monday – Wednesday: 11.00 - 21.00.  Thursday – Saturday: 11.00 - 22.00. All chalets must remain open for the full trading period during all advertised opening times.

Is there a Festive Theme?

The eaves on the outside front edge of the chalets will be seasonally decorated with cluster festive lights. All exhibitors are welcome, and encouraged, to add their own suitable festive embellishments to the fronts and insides of the chalets. This must be in keeping with the overall theme and look of the Christmas Market. PLEASE NOTE: NO EXTERNAL EXTENSIONS TO THE ROOFS WILL BE ALLOWED AND NO ADORNMENTS WILL BE ALLOWED ON ANY ROOFS. ANY SUCH ITEMS WILL BE REMOVED. 

Can I bring my own stall?

There are a limited number of spaces for bespoke stalls. You can apply for one of these by filling out the relevant Trader Form and selecting BESPOKE Space. You will be required to submit a visual of your stall as well as full dimensions (w/l/h) for approval. We will not accept any bespoke units that are not in keeping with the overall Christmas look & feel. Prices and pitch locations will be provided on approval of visuals.

What do the Chalet Stalls include?

We have two sizes of retail chalets for hire. All chalet rental prices include hire of a high-quality lockable chalet, pitch rental, event security, cleaning and marketing. 

How do I pay for a booking?

Chalet payment is by BACS only, other payment methods may incur additional charges paid for by the booker. The bank details will be supplied to successful applicants. By submitting an application form you agree to adhere to our payment schedule detailed in your Trader Agreement. Failure to adhere may result in cancellation of your booking. 

General Payment Schedule is 50% deposit on signing of acceptance and BALANCE will be due by the 1st Week of September 2022. 

Is there power?

A supply of electricity is available for each Chalet unit. This is an additional cost depending on the amount of power included. You can select the power requirement and see pricing in our drop down list on the trader forms.

Is there water?

There is a tap onsite for trader usage. Please ensure you bring your own drums for your units. No main speed available.

Do you provide Security?

There will be 24/7 security throughout the Christmas Market, including during the set-up and take-down periods, throughout all trading and overnight patrol. Each chalet will have a lock and each exhibitor will have one key. Please look after your key! Lost keys will incur a charge of £25 for replacement. The Christmas Market Control room will keep a duplicate key for all the chalets. 

Is there Parking for Traders?

There is no parking at the Christmas Market or in the nearby streets. Apart from designated times to offload & build or restock units with product, neither Clarke Events nor Liverpool City Council provide a designated car park for use by traders. Parking and loading without a valid ticket or time slot is liable to be ticketed.

What about restocking and deliveries?

All exhibitors will be able to restock between 08.00am and 09.30am each day and at the end of the trading day for 30 minutes. All vehicles must be off site by 09.30am. Traders will be able to bring in their vehicles to the loading point of their chalets up to 30 minutes after the Market is closed to replenish their stock, but must leave the Market by 10:30pm. Security will ask traders to move after this time. We have no storage space for any traders.

What do we do with waste/rubbish?
It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure their site and their chalet is kept smart and tidy at all times. Industrial wheelie bins will be available for exhibitors’ rubbish on the South side of the Market Areas. Failure to remove rubbish will result in a fine or possible cancellation from the event. Cleaning Crew will be responsible for clearing the litter in public bins throughout the day. They will primarily ensure public litter bins are emptied and the whole area of the Christmas Market looks smart and litter-free. They are not employed to take away trader litter or rubbish.